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Moderator Guidelines
Moderator Guidelines for This is a general guideline, not absolute.  Please respect posts as much as possible.

Subject Line Status: Change line ending to reflect status of post.

  1. [Subject]                                 : new posts - no change.
  2. [Subject] - In Process            : adding "- In Process" to end of subject line for items being looked at.
  3. [Subject] - Implemented        : For suggestions accepted and being put into action, with optional response.
  4. [Subject] - Not Implemented : Suggestions that will not be implemented, usually with a response.
  5. [Subject] - TOS                        : Ignored for TOS violation (possibly censored).

Language should be censored out like this, preserving the rest of the post. Please warn user via built in system. Do not change subject status to TOS for simple violation, just remove words, keep posts rated G.

I don't give a [language] if you do not listen!

Censor entire message should be done this way. Please warn or ban user.

Sailboat Races - TOS

[moderator: this message has been removed for a TOS violation: Not a constructive comment]

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